Air Power Draw Bar
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Installation and Service Guide

I. Installation Guide:

1. Take the existing drawbar out, and apply grease in three places. Top, Shoulder, and bottom threaded area of the drawbar and place it back into its place.
2. Install the air power drawbar unit and align the air power drawbar flange to existing top bearing cap, by using three cap screw (6mm X 30mm) provided with the units.
3. Remove two existing cap screws from the quill feed selector shifter. Using cap screw (5 mm x 25mm) to mount valve bracket on the quill feed selector shifter.
4. Connect air line from the units to the control valve.
5. Connect compressor air line to the FRL units.
6. Apply this installation guide to NT40 taper Drawbar Only
Installation and Service Guide

II. Proper Adjustment:

1. Set air pressure to 110 psi for incoming air from the air compressor set the FRL air gage to 85-90 psi.
2. Set oil lubricator feed to 2 for its best performance.
3. Keep all tool holders free of chips and grease, for easy to change tool.
4. If the air pressure drops below 35 psi, the unit will not work.
5. Bring the quill all the way up and lock it in place and follow step one and two.
6. Step # 1: Loosen the "X" brass nut then insert the 4mm T-wrench into the air cylinder (See Fig.1). Adjust the distance "D" between the socket and the drawbar hex to about 0.25"-0.4" (6-10 mm). Tight the "X" brass nut.
7. Step # 2: Push the air motor down by hand and release. Make sure the drawbar hex is very easily engage in the socket. Set the stop cap screws until it is bottom out with the stop plate. (See Fig. 2) marked "S" and "Y"

Proper Adjustment

III. Operating:

1. Stop spindle completely before changing tools.
2. Quill/Spindle must be returned and locked to the top position when changing tools.
3. To change tool use a control valve to engage or disengage a tool holder.
4. Make sure that threads on drawbar or collets have sufficient thread length. About ½" - ¾"
5. Make sure the tool holder is secure before operating.
6. Do not fill oil when air lubricator is pressurized.
7. Do not use any gummy machine oil or any synthetic oil.
8. Use only professional air tool oil. 9. Do not operate if the unit failed, call the manufacturer.